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Mark Des Vince Fresh 302 Concentrated Perfume Oil For Unisex 15ML

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A fragrance that gives instant freshness. The freshness you feel after a cold shower in the morning. Or, the freshness you feel after smelling citrus fruits. The freshness of fruits, and the brilliance of nature. Like a blooming garden

Fresh 302 perfume oil by Mark Des Vince gives a clean, airy, and fresh fragrance that enchants your mood and excites your senses. The subtle combination of airy and enticing notes boosts your energy level and motivates you for an optimistic life.

What makes it feel airy and not-so-overpowering? The stunning and mesmerizing notes of pepper, freesia and apple give exciting vibes instantly when you sniff the scent. After that, notes of heliotrope, jasmine, hibiscus, rose, and violet take the scent to another level. In the end, you feel the goodness of suede, sandalwood, incense, cedar, and labdanum.

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Mark Des Vince Fresh 302 Concentrated Perfume Oil For Unisex 15ML
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