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Mark Des Vince Fabulous Eau de Parfum For Women 100ML

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Essences extracted from the flawless flowers, extracts that reveal romantic, youthful aromas create the mesmerizing “Fabulous”. Fabulous by Mark Des Vince, an unavoidable scent that never lets you go unnoticed. 

Fabulous is not just a fragrance, it is a feeling, an emotion, an expression. Every girl is fabulous, every girl is a queen in her own world. The creative perfumers wanted to create a scent that will become a must-have of every woman. This fragrance was designed to create a unique blend that will add more confidence to all women, irrespective of age differences. 

Velvety, sleek, enigmatic, and fabulous. Fabulous reveals a fantabulous aroma with the stunning composition of scented ingredients. The instant freshness of the scent is given by the amazing opening, thanks to the opening blend of rose, honeysuckle, and tangerine. 

The exceptional quality of fragrance has been ensured with the mesmerizing heart of white flowers, jasmine, tiara flower, and peony. Apart from that, Fabulous has been made fabulous using the incredible velvety base. 

This fragrance expresses the most fabulous version of yours, revealing your true, positive personality and making you feel like a queen.

    Mark des vince fabulous for women
    Mark Des Vince Fabulous
    Mark Des Vince Fabulous
    Mark Des Vince Fabulous
    Mark Des Vince Fabulous notes
    Mark Des Vince Fabulous
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